The Terms of Service (including any policies, guidelines or amendments that may be presented to your from time to time) constitute the entire agreement between you and Web in a Box and govern your use of our services, superceding any prior agreements between you and Web in a Box for the use of our services.

Cancellations for web site and email hosting orders will only be accepted within 7 days of the product/s being ordered.

Cancellations requests must be submitted to Web In A Box in writing, or submitted via our Members Console. Written requests must be emailed to from the customer email address.

A refund will be provided, less a 10% administration charge.

Cancellations will not be accepted after the 7 day grace period; no refund will be provided for any remaining product term.

Customers who choose to be billed under the recurring billing system understand that the credit card supplied on sign up will be automatically charged on the initial billing anniversary date, unless they expressly cancel the contract in writing 30 days prior.

If an automatic billing transaction is unsuccessful (for example the credit card is declined), you will be notified via email and given 4 days grace period. Should the grace period lapse, the service will be suspended until payment is made. If successful payment is not made within 30 days of the anniversary date, the service will be cancelled and deleted from the hosting platform.

Customers will be notified by Web In A Box when bandwidth usage is approaching a products’ limit. At this time, the customer will have the opportunity to upgrade to a product with more bandwidth (if applicable), alternatively, any excess data charges will be charged to the customer’s credit card, as per the Customer’s hosting package. Failure to pay for excess data transfer may result in account suspension which will cause disruptions to services.

Web In A Box Web and Email Hosting customers accept responsibility for any information and materials issued over the service and indemnify Web In A Box harmless against any liability in relation to such information and material.

Web In A Box does not allow use of our network to send or originate SPAM / Unsolicited Email messages. We reserve the right to determine what violates this policy and violation may result in immediate suspension or cancellation of services without refund.

Sites that promote illegal activity of any type or content that may be damaging to our network or servers are expressly prohibited. Links to such materials are also prohibited.

You acknowledge that if we are made aware of content that is determined to be, at our discretion, unacceptable, undesirable, offensive, indecent, obscene, excessively violent or otherwise objectionable, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel a service that breaks this content policy without refund.

Web In A Box reserves the right to schedule server maintenance at any time, which may or may not affect services on the platform. Web In A Box will endeavour to perform maintenance during a time that will be least disruptive to the majority involved.

Web In A Box routinely backs up data stored on the Web In A Box servers; however, such data is not guaranteed to be stored for extended periods.