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Managed Internet Services For Our Customers

We’ve got over a quarter of a century of combined experience – which means we’ve been there since the birth of the internet, and we’ve been one step ahead of it ever since.
Web In A Box started with a humble beginning, a few servers on a bench in a bedroom and has been nurtured to the fast, personable, quality service it is today. Our founders have worked in different areas of the industry all their lives, but they still have a keen interest in technology to this day. From involvement with national Internet Service Providers, to leading software development, they’ve watched and followed along with this ever changing industry.
At Web in a Box, ‘customer service’ isn’t a phrase we bandy about willy-nilly, it’s the bedrock of what we do. We work hard to understand all of our customers’ individual needs, and to accommodate them, fostering a tight knit team to stay across everything staying connected to each customer. We keep it simple and maintain a flat team structure so you don’t have to worry about escalating through multiple levels of support to get the help you need along with a dynamic team versed in all aspects of the business so you can get the answers you need without being transferred to multiple departments.
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