server colocation

Local Server Colocation

Stay connected, secure & compliant. 

Reliable Australian colocation servers for local businesses.  

Through our server colocation and data center facilities, you can rent space for your IT hardware and enjoy sophisticated security and guaranteed uptime. When trust us for colocation hosting, you’re freed up to focus on managing your operations, and you benefit from a lower IT budget. 

You can also expect lower power and bandwidth costs, high-speed 24/7 network connection, physical data center security measures, as well as compliance certifications and badges. Plus, our technical support and troubleshooting expertise is available whenever you need it. 


Cool colocation features. 

24/7 security. 

With continuous monitoring, authorised-access only, and multi-level security, we’ve created a highly protected environment where your data stays safe. We utilise advanced technological security measures as well as physical security protocols.  

Local & trusted.  

We provide colocation server hosting in NextDC P1 Malaga and NextDC P2 in Perth. These Australian servers remove the reliance on third party carriers to reach our upstream providers and peering networks, improving performance, connectivity, and reliability. With multiple upstream transit providers, we have rock-solid connectivity to all major peering points in Australia. 

Scalable & flexible.  

We’re what you need today, and can grow with you tomorrow. Increase or decrease your capacity as needed and enjoy a flexible, scalable IT environment. With a sophisticated purpose-built facility, we can also accommodate your advanced gear, such as your main frame or storage unit. 

Super speedy. 

Thrive with 2/47 high-speed connection and guaranteed uptime — with lower power and bandwidth costs. All server colocation racks are supplied with UPS conditioned essential power and the building has dual generators in the event of utility loss. And, cabling can be fibre or custom depending on your needs.  

Clever tech. 

Our NextDC data centres in Malaga and Perth give us physical proximity and connection to transit and peering partners, reducing a point of failure in metro fibre services. We support full native, dual stack IPv6 via Transit and peering (EdgeIX / WAIX) and have redundant, 10 gigabit links.