Local Hosting Solutions

Get the super power of local hosting. By going with a local hosting company you’ll benefit from faster speeds and better search engine optimisation results, plus your data is protected by Australian Law.


We’ve got over a quarter of a century of combined experience – which means we’ve been there since the birth of the internet, and we’ve been one step ahead of it ever since.

Need help?

Robots are cool, but a bit impersonal. Don’t worry, here at Web in a Box you’ll always get to talk to a friendly human, who will be happy to answer your call.

All about Customer Service

At Web in a Box, ‘customer service’ isn’t a phrase we bandy about willy-nilly, it’s the bedrock of what we do. We work hard to understand all of our customers’ individual needs, and try to accommodate them every time.

Passionate about Hosting

We’ve got a particular kink. We’re passionate about hosting.

Some people may think it’s impossible to be passionate about tech stuff, but we’re different, that’s why we can promise super-helpful hosting and a mega reliable network.