Web in a Box - Cloud Based, Managed IT and Internet Services

We take a holistic approach to ensuring the quality and reliability of our services are maintained consistently.

Multiple redundancies

Reliability of our hosting platform is a key driver of our business.

We have multiple points of redundancy including - multiple upstream transit providers (multihoming), independent border routers, load balancing, clustered server architecture and redundant storage.

Capacity planning

We actively monitor our hosting ecosystem to adapt to changes in customer requirements on an ongoing basis.

We employ a lead strategy with our capacity planning, managing our infrastructure to reflect future growth and not current usage. As at February 2013, our transit was performing at 50% of its available capacity at peak volumes.

Read more... Planning Ahead (PDF)

24x7 external monitoring

In addition to our internal monitoring, we employ 24x7 monitoring of our hosting ecosystem by independent external services.

With monitoring from multiple locations worldwide, actively every 60 seconds - we are able to minimise the impact of outages to our customers.

Read more... 24x7 Monitoring (PDF)

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