Web in a Box - Cloud Based, Managed IT and Internet Services

Bulletproof Infrastructure.

Our network infrastructure was designed from the ground up to have multiple points of redundancy. It features multiple upstream transit providers, a load balanced and clustered server architecture, redundant storage and enterprise internal and external monitoring.


We are multi-homed with multiple upstream transit providers, and connectivity to all major peering points in Australia. Our location within QV1 in Perth (datacentre factsheet) gives us physical proximity and connection to transit and peering partners reducing a point of failure in metro fibre services. We support full native, dual stack IPv6 via Transit and WAIX peering and have redundant 1Gb links.


Our hosting clusters are built on a combination of Ubuntu GNU/Linux and Windows Server 2008/2012 operating systems deployed on Dell PowerEdge and Supermicro servers, while our storage servers are state-of-the-art infiniband backed with flash cache.


Our Virtual Servers use industry leading VMware hypervisor technology and a Xen based platform for the highest availability and performance.


Finally, our network uses Cisco routers, Juniper and Cisco Catalyst switches, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.

Our figures really do the talking for us - our network uptime for the last year exceeded 99.99%.

Business Continuity.

While our network is built to minimise the impact of possible issues on our clients - we recognise that problems can and do occur. When something goes wrong, we aim to fix it fast, let you know what happened, and ensure it doesn't happen again.

For planned outages (such as maintenance and testing) - customers will be notified in advance to facilitate planning, and we will schedule an outage at a time which minimises any impact on our customers.

With internal unplanned outages (such as internal network issues, server issues) - we have a 1 hour response time to the customer from time of notification of the issue, to advise of an estimated time of restoration (ETR). In most cases, it is unlikely that an ETR will exceed 3-4 hours barring critical failure.

For external unplanned outages (such as upstream provider issues) - we invoke our SLA with our vendors, and will notify a customer within 1 hour of an ETR pending availability of vendor support. Where possible, customers will be notified with updates as they become available every 2 hours.

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