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Create Your Own Private Cloud

Reliable IT infrastructure is critical to business operations.

Through Web in a Box you have the ability to directly provision, manage and monitor your infrastructure as your business requirements change - while reducing ongoing capital costs and increasing reliability.

With server backups, Microsoft SPLA licensing, and the benefits of our enterprise grade network backed by our SLAs - we have your business covered.

virtual servers (IaaS)

Dedicated Internet

Today's enterprises depend on the Internet to conduct business.

To be effective, Internet access must provide the bandwidth and reliability your business need. Web in a Box Managed Internet services can be an excellent access choice when you need dedicated access to the Internet or a VPN.

Our dedicated internet solution gives you high speed access to a managed internet service that connects your offices to the datacentre and the internet with complete monitoring of your infrastructure by our technical staff.

dedicated internet

Managed Services

Web in a Box can provide your business with dedicated management and consulting capabilities to ensure your business IT infrastructure is fully monitored and centrally managed.

Whether you need managed internet, server maintenance, network managment, service or server monitoring - we have the technical expertise to ensure that your critical systems are kept running.

managed services

The private cloud, dedicated internet and managed services solutions can be bundled together to create a customised infrastructure solution that is agile, reliable, and managed. Contact us today on 1800 850 370.