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Scalable Virtual Servers (IaaS)

Each Virtual Server is independent of the underlying hardware and network infrastructure. We use the Xen® Hypervisor with a management stack to provide the best combination of performance, reliability, scalability, and security. Virtualisation allows servers to be resized, moved, rebooted, and deployed almost instantly - through a powerful, and easy to use interface.

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Cloud Server: Features


Experiencing a surge in traffic? We charge by the resources you use - as you scale your cloud server up or down you are billed accordingly, and you don't pay for a server that is switched off and used purely for backup


Easy Management of your cloud

Our control panel is the fastest, easiest and most customisable way there is for you to provision and manage your cloud services. You can spin up new server instances, manage existing servers and scale resources on-the-fly. You can also control your cloud from your iPhone or iPad.


Automated recovery

We constantly monitor the status of servers in the cloud, and employ an automatic failover process if a hypervisor becomes unavailable. Failover is initiated in 15 seconds if we receive no response from a hypervisor, and the virtual machines it hosts are automatically migrated to another suitable hypervisor in the cloud.

Server Template deployment

Our VM templates are pre-configured operating system environments that deploy in a couple of clicks.

Using templates can result in a significant reduction in the installation, configuration and maintenance costs associated with cloud management. You can rapidly provision new virtual machines by using our library of pre-configured templates - many of which are packaged for specific server roles.

Scheduled backups

We enable automated/scheduled backups and ad-hoc backups of VM data. VM snapshots are stored outside of SANs, allowing true disaster recovery in case of SAN failure. These measures ensure minimal impact to your business when using our cloud servers.

Integrated CDN

We provide integrated access to a content delivery network (CDN) spanning 5 continents and over 140 locations to get your content close to your audience - allowing your website or apps to have a truly global presence.With HTTP push and pull, and dynamic and static caching support, there are plenty of ways to boost content performance. And with Video on Demand and live streaming, powered by Wowza's industry-leading media engine, you can deliver a huge range of HD and mobile video formats too

Did you know We provide an API for you to hook into and manage your cloud servers.



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With Web in a Box Cloud Servers, you only pay for what you use, so you won't be charged until you create a server. Choose a managed service level if you wish us to manage your Cloud Server configuration for you.

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Create your Cloud Server using our intuitive control panel. Name your server, select an image and size, and choose from a variety of popular 64-bit Linux distributions, Windows Server 2008 or SQL Server 2012.

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You can upgrade or remove each Cloud Server as and when you require, using our intuitive control panel.